Welcome to our world.

Rigidemand is one of the fastest growing fashion brand in the world. We mainly focus on women's wear, but also offer men’s apparels, children's clothes, accessories and other fashion items. Our major target market and customers are based in America, European, Australia, etc. Rigidemand was founded in June 2015. We're dedicated to giving the best products with a good quality and an appealing price.

We are also working our best to make your shopping experience much more easy and happy.

Our Brand is built on three core principles:

1. Excellent products

2. Excellent prices

3. Excellent customer service

We want to conveniently provide you with all of the staple, unique, and trendy clothing you desire so that you can spend less time shopping and more time on the important things in life: your friends and family.

We hope you enjoy your shopping in our store. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.