Rigidemand 23g 6pcs/Set Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Sets Shaft Flights Barrel w/ Case, Games

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Brand Name: Rigidemand

Launch Date: 2022.7.20

Type: Steel Tip Dart Sets
Weight(Barrel): 21g
Weight(1PC Dart): 23g
Weight(Dart Set): 180g
Size(Case): 15x14x2cm
Tip: Steel Tip
Diameter: 8mm
Barrel Length: 52 mm
Shaft Length: 41mm
Steel Tip Length: 28mm
Total Length: 156mm
Material: Tungsten(Barrels)+ Aluminum(Shafts)+Plastics(3 Extra Shafts; Case)

The steel tips darts set is a high quality darts kit designed with skid-proof grooved barrels for excellent gripping.
With a slim profile and medium weighted so as to increase speed and reduce drag, they offer exceptional balance and optimum control.
Sleek and elegant, the set is an attractive gift choice for all your darts enthusiast friends.
The accompanying carrying case will protect your set, keeping it in top condition.
Package Included:
6x Steel Tips
6x Darts Barrels
6x Shafts
6x Flights
1x Dart Case